Several group leaders who have paricipated on our activity course have commented how they see a different side to their students during the course. By setting mental, social and physical challenges in an environment that cannot be replicated in school, students can flourish doing things that are completely new. 

An environment where they have more than simply academic achievement by which to judge themselves.

Morning and afternoon session are split to provide as many different opportunities as possible during a stay.



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    Beaudesert Campsite

    All activities on one AALA licenced site.

    • Beaudesert is located in Central England on the edge of Cannock Chase. 
    • The campsite is ideally situated for easy access from most parts of the country. 
    • The centre offers excellent facilities and wide ranging activities that are onsite, making it compact and east to organise for a group; it also maximises the number of activities that can be experienced. 
    • Activity course can be of any duration; the tents - for 2-4 persons - are provided. 
    • Residential stays are fully catered with three meals a day so that group leaders only have their students to organise.
    • It is also possible to make a day visit for schools that are close enough - lunch is provided, together with the chosen activities.
    • Beaudesert is an AALA licensed activity centre so that you can be assured that the supervision of activities, where appropriate, is by fully qualified staff.