• Can I contact my child during the tour/trip?

    We will always provide a telephone contact for the accommodation that should be used for emergency contact only. We suggest that the student be left to contact home, usually on arrival, and after that consider “no news is good news” and so they are having a great time!

  • Can we fly to our destination?

    We are primarily coach specialists as the majority of our itineraries do not require flights.  If you do wish to fly to your destination we can make your flight reservation through an IATA agent to ensure you have ATOL protection, supply a coach, accommodation, book venues and arrange the guide(s).

  • Can we fly with low-cost airlines?

    Yes. However, they are not always suited to group travel. Our experience has shown that scheduled airlines offer greater reliability and peace of mind for groups. If you would like us to provide you with a quote based on a low-cost airline we are happy to do so.  Please also note that Ryanair do not accept collective passports – they are not recognised by the online booking process.

  • Can we go on an inspection visit?


  • Can we go on the ferry and come back on the shuttle?

    Yes, no problem

  • Can we request a driver that we have had before?

    Yes.  Once you re-book with us you can make a request for a particular driver and we will endeavour to secure his services for your next Inspired Travel tour.  This is, however, subject to that driver being available and not on holiday on your chosen tour dates.

  • Do I require a Collective Passport?

    This is entirely at the discretion of the Party Leader. Some Party Leaders prefer the security of a collective passport while others prefer only to take children with their own passports. The cost is £39.00 and covers up to 50 people (under 18 only). On day trips this cost must be borne by the group; however, on tours (with overnight stays) we deduct this from the total cost of the trip where a collective passport is required.

    Please note it is the Party Leaders’ responsibility to apply for the passport and that, from 1st January 2005, any questions on this matter should be raised directly with the Home Office Identity and Passport Service. The only method for making this application is online

  • Do the coaches you provide have seatbelts?

    Yes. All UK coaches have seatbelts in accordance with the law. Please note that these are usually lap-belts rather than the three-point seatbelts which are fitted in cars. Regarding foreign coach hire, it is important to note that coaches outside the UK vary in standard and specification. Whilst all coaches adhere strictly to both safety and coach operator regulations, these may not be the same as UK regulations and whilst every effort is made to request coaches with seatbelt for our groups, and an increasing number of foreign coach operators have vehicles that are fitted with seatbelts, it is not currently a legal requirement in some European destinations.

  • Do you offer overnight coach travel?

    For longer distances, coach travel will include overnight journeys. For near continent tours we will plan your itinerary to be during the day; in many instances only one driver is required but depending upon the location of the school we may recommend a second driver in the interests of the of the group. All journeys will be planned to comply with EU Driver regulations and the EU Working Directive.

  • Do you supply emergency contact numbers on tours?

    As part of your Final Tour Details pack we provide the contact numbers of the emergency services for the country or countries in which you are travelling.  If you have a tour guide then he or she will assist with any issues that may arise.  If a serious issue arises we have a Duty Manager on call out of hours.  This number will also be supplied with your Final Tour Details. 

  • Does Inspired Travel attend a parent's meeting?

    Another important part of the process is to ensure that all students and teachers know exactly what to expect when they arrive in resort. We are more than happy to come to your school and present a slide show and “question and answer” session to ensure any queries students, parents or teachers may have are addressed. We also provide information containing provisional timings, places, insurance policy wordings, contact details for when you are abroad and any other information you require.

  • Does Inspired Travel have a Safety Management System?

    Yes! Recognising the necessity of ensuring that the highest levels of security and safety are adhered to on all of our trips and tours we have developed a comprehensive generic risk assessment and safety management system thereby ensuring that all of our suppliers adhere to stringent safety guidelines which we demand and which our customers expect.

  • Does making a Provisional Booking put me under any obligation?

    No. Making a provisional booking only means that we can then advise you of what is available for your chosen dates. Accommodation, coaches, ferry crossings and excursions can be in high demand at certain times of the year, so we strongly advise you to make a provisional booking early on to get the best for your group. We will offer more than one option at the time of quotation and would ask that you inform us of your preference, or not, in the time frame we suggest. We will then give you an option period when you can promote your trip and form your group.

  • Does the tour price include a courier or guide?

    We will include guides as appropriate for your tour for visits to antiquities, museums etc as itemised on your itinerary. For Winter Sports trips there will be a dedicated representative for each group/combined small group.  We are happy to exclude guides from an itinerary at the request of a group leader if, for example, they know the venue/destination well.

  • Does the tour price include travel insurance?

    Yes, we automatically include travel insurance in your tour price unless you advise us you do not require this at the enquiry stage. If you have your own insurance please tell us and we will amend your tour price accordingly. We will then send you an insurance indemnity form to send back to us to officially confirm that alternative insurance cover has been arranged for your group.

  • How do I get the students to sign up for the tour?

    Inspired Travel is more than happy to assist you in gaining support for your tour. We can help you gauge interest in the tours and proposed destinations through personal meetings and presentations, or host a parents evening to answer any questions parents may have.

  • How far should I book in advance?

    We recommend booking as early as possible. As a general guideline our tours generally book between 9 and 18 months in advance. For instance, if you are looking to tour in July, we recommend that you get in contact with us by September the preceding year; in most instances winter sports trips have a longer lead time. This allows us to ensure you get the best available rates and reservations for your hotels, flights and concert venues. However, if you do have to enquire within 9 months of your tour departing, contact one of our representatives as soon as possible and they will do everything they can to ensure your trip success.

  • How many free teacher places am I entitled to?

    We offer one free place in eight on all of our coach tours and one free place in ten on our flight tours. For day tours there is one free place in ten.  However, we understand that some LEAs insist on a higher ratio of staff to students and are happy to quote you for the number of free teacher places you require.

  • How many seats are normally on a coach?

    We work on 52, however depending on availability we can provide larger coaches. All coaches are full executive vehicles with 52 passenger seats.  They are equipped with video or DVD, a WC, seatbelts, a PA system and all have a continental safety door.  We do not request larger vehicles as they are rarer and should your vehicle break down whilst on tour it would be difficult to source another vehicle of the same size.

  • How many single rooms am I entitled to and how much do they cost?

    An odd number of men/women will mean 1 person is entitled to a single room free of charge, £25 per person per night. This is subject to availability.

  • How much luggage should my son or daughter take?

    Students, particularly girls, notoriously pack too much! It is not necessary to pack a different set of clothes for each day/evening – mix and match is the order of the day. Luggage space on coaches is limited if there are 40 students on board. We recommend a medium-sized holdall/soft bag, preferably on wheels, as the best option.

    Ski jackets and snow boots or walking boots for example are bulky and heavy items respectively. We suggest that yor son or daughter wears these items on the journey.

  • How much spending money should my son or daughter take?

    This is always a difficult area. It is usual for the group leader to advise  a range during the parents meeting as they are best qualified in the light of the location of the school, affluence etc. As a general rule it is worth bearing in mind that our itineraries are mostly all-inclusive of guides, entrance fees and activities and as such there is little for the student to pay for except souvenirs etc. If you are uncertain of your son/daughter’s accounting skills you may want to consider giving the group leader an envelope of emergency funds to be given out only in the event of running out of money. We suggest you ask the group leader if this is possible in advance.

  • If we don’t use all of the free places we are entitled to for staff, can we take an extra child?

    Unfortunately no, free places are provided to help ensure the safe supervision of the students.

  • Is a planning visit to school possible?

    An integral part of building the confidence required to entrust the arrangements for your school group’s Ski Trip or Educational Tour, is to meet the people who will actually be making all the arrangements for you. We would welcome the opportunity to visit your school and discuss with you personally the objectives for your proposed tour.

  • Is my group's money safe with Inspired Travel?

    Yes. In accordance with the “Package Travel, Package Tours Regulations, 1992” all passengers booking with Inspired Travel Ltd are fully insured for the initial deposit(s) and subsequently the balance of all monies paid to us, including repatriation arising from cancellation or curtailment due to insolvency. This cover is through IGI, an ABTA approved insurer, reference INTRA-09/10. At the time of confirmation we will send the group leader with an insolvency certificate, as tangible evidence of the cover, to be held on behalf of the group members. The majority of our tours and winter sports holidays are accessible by coach. For air tours, flights are arranged through an IATA agent in order to provide full ATOL protection. The remaining elements of a trip are then covered by the IGI policy.

  • Some members of my group have non-UK passports. Is this a problem?

    All passengers with non-UK passports should check with the office from which their passport was issued to check entry and visa regulations for the destination country. It is also important to check that the holder of the passport may travel through all countries en-route. Please remember that non-UK nationals are not permitted to travel on a collective passport.

  • We often use a local coach company. Can we use them on our Inspired Travel Tour?

    Yes. We understand what a positive difference a trusted coach company can make to the success of any tour and we are always happy to use your preferred operator, subject to availability.

  • What about meals on the journey?

    The first meal of the tour/trip is usually dinner on the day of arrival. Meals during the journey are not included. Students should either have food in hand luggage for the outward journey or currency to purchase food en-route. There is usually time for students to shop for food before departure from the resort and in many cases we can arrange for a packed meal to be made available at departure.

  • What about mobile phones?

    Many group leaders have their own policies when it comes to mobile phones and we always advise students to follow their instruction.  The following points are worth consideration:-
    Pay-as-you-go phones are expensive abroad and quickly run out of credit
    Make sure that the phone has insurance cover.
    Remember that the costs of calls are shared between the caller and the receiver.
    It’s cheaper to text and in-coming texts are usually free.
    An alternative is to buy an international phone card for your child.

  • What about travel insurance?

    Inspired Travel will automatically include personal travel insurance in the cost of the tour/trip. In some instances, the school may choose to use the school/LEA policy which will have the same purpose. For either type of policy, please be aware that existing illness/conditions should be declared in order not to invalidate the cover, if it is unfortunately required. Drinking more than two measures of alcohol and/or taking illegal substances will also invalidate the cover.

  • What are the advantages of dry slope ski/snowboard lessons before a winter sports trip?

    Many group leaders will arrange dry slope lessons before departure. They are normally optional as they will incur additional costs. The benefits to be considered are:-
    That student’s are familiar with the type of equipment that they will be using in resort
    Lessons will provide basic skills and techniques ahead of the lessons in resort
    This means that a student usually makes faster progress and thereby gets the most out of what is an expensive trip.

  • What dates do you have available?

    At Inspired Travel we try to understand the needs of our Party Leaders and therefore aim to be as flexible as possible. Therefore we work at meeting your requirements rather than the other way round. Through years of experience of working with a large selection of highly recommended independently owned suppliers we are able to offer tailor made tours and day trips at any time of year without it costing you extra.

  • What happens if an extra person wishes to join the trip or tour?

    Contact us as soon as you can, we will always try to accommodate extra people as long as there is room on the coach and in the accommodation.

  • What happens if I have students with allergies or special dietary requirements?

    If we are made aware of these in advance and they are written on the student lists completed by you two to three weeks prior to travel then this information can be sent to the accommodation or restaurants on your itinerary.  If Halal or Kosher food is required, special arrangements will need to be made so a greater period of advance notice is necessary (preferably at the time of booking).  Please note that few hotels and restaurants are able to offer Halal or Kosher food and a vegetarian menu may be offered as an alternative.

  • What if my child has special dietary requirements?

    Any special requirements should be made known to the party leader as soon as possible. Accommodations used to receiving groups are well equipped to provide alternative menus. For those requiring Halal or Kosher food as much notice as possible is required. Few hotels and hostels are able to accommodate these diets and so a vegetarian diet is more likely to be offered. However, please be aware that a special dietary requirement does not refer to eating preferences or fads.

  • What if my child is travel sick?

    Advise the group leader of the situation, usually on the medical form that you are asked to complete. Make sure that the appropriate medication is available and liaise with the group leader for its dispensing.

  • What if my child is travelling with a non-British passport?

    Inform the group leader as soon as possible. Check with the respective embassy or consulate if a visa is required for the country to be visited. Allow plenty of time for the completion of the paperwork. Please be aware that if the school is travelling on a group passport, this does not include foreign passport holders or persons over 18 years.

  • What if my child takes prescribed medication during all/part of the tour/trip?

    Inform the group leader of the medication and dispensing arrangements. Many groups allocate a teacher who is responsible for the first aid to avoid duplication by colleagues/student themselves. A second set of medication should be given to the person in charge, as well as the medication to be taken.

  • What if my child wants to take valuable items?

    We advise that this should be considered carefully.  Only be prepared to take items that, in the worst case scenario, you are prepared to lose – jewellery, camera or i-pods for example. Take a compact camera that can be carried around the neck inside a coat and is lightweight and inexpensive. Do not carry large amounts of money during the day – it is usually possible to leave items with the group leader who will put them in the accommodation safe.

  • What if my numbers change after I have booked my Study Tour?

    This happens on a regular basis and is not a major problem as long as we are informed immediately.  Once we have received written confirmation (by fax or e mail) of a change in numbers, our Finance Manager will issue a new invoice with your revised balance.  Please bear in mind that a drop in numbers may mean that the tour price moves into the next price band in your quotation and as a result the cost per student may increase.  Please refer to our Booking Conditions for further details concerning refunds/cancellation charges.  It is therefore advisable to ensure that you request a significant non-returnable deposit from your students when planning your tour.

  • What is included in my quotation?

    We discuss with party leaders the requirements for their proposed winter sports trip/study tour, so hopefully we will quote only for what is requested. All elements of the price will be listed and so will the exclusions, for example meals on the journeys and possibly some activities which are payable locally. If there are omissions or inclusions we are happy to forward a revised quotation. We aim to provide inclusive, accurate prices with as few extras as possible.

  • What is the parent’s meeting and why should I attend?

    The parents’ meeting is usually arranged by the group leader either to promote the trip or to inform parents of the students who are travelling of the arrangements that have been made. This can include details of the accommodation, travel, activities etc. It is usual for a representative of the company to be present and so there is an opportunity to ask questions. It is also a time when the group leader can collect outstanding information from those participating on the tour/trip.

  • What kind of a deposit do you require and when do you require this by?

    a) As standard for all day trips we require a £20 per payer deposit. Deposits will be due as soon as your party has been formed and the final balance will be due 4 weeks before departure.

    b) For Tours (i.e., trips which include accommodation) we require only a £40 per paying person as deposit. Deposits will usually be due as soon as your party has been formed. Some accommodation may give an option date for payment of deposits and we will inform you of this as appropriate. Normally, a second deposit of £50 is due 8 weeks after the first, with the final balance due 10 weeks before the date of departure.

    c) For winter sports holidays we require an initial deposit of £80 per paying person. Deposits will usually be due as soon as your party has been formed. Some accommodation may give an option date for payment of deposits and we will inform you of this as appropriate. Normally, a second deposit of £120 is due 8 weeks after the first, and a third deposit of £120 due 8 weeks after the second.  The final balance due 10 weeks before the date of departure.

    The payment structure reflects the cost of the tour or holiday and the deposits to paid on a groups behalf in advance of the final balance.

    Inspired Travel is also aware that on occasion these deadlines are not always easily achievable and we endeavour to be as flexible as possible.

  • What passenger information do I need to provide and when is this required?

    We require information about each member of your group (including all responsible accompanying adults) such as their full name, D o B, age at time of travel, gender, medical conditions or medication being taken & any special diets. It will soon be a requirement for us to collect additional information such as passport numbers.

    This information must be received by us as soon as you have finalised your group lists, preferably when you send the Final passenger List 13 weeks before departure. The information is used to create the final balance invoice and make the appropriate rooming /meal arrangements on your tour.  Once Final Tour Details have been sent to you, any further changes to these lists may incur a £25 administration charge.

  • What provision is made for passengers with disabilities?

    We make every effort to provide coaches and accommodation that are suitable for disabled passengers.

  • When can you tell me which coach company we will be travelling with?

    We can provide the details of the coach company shortly after receiving a definite booking, but we reserve the right to change this if it is in your best interests.

  • When do I need to send my deposit?

    Your deposit is required before we confirm your booking.  Hotels provide us with an option date and if we don’t confirm your booking before this date, then it is cancelled.  We can provide you with a proforma invoice for your Finance Office if this is required.

  • When do we have to leave school if we are going on a day trip?

    We shall ensure that we arrange the best departure time to fit in with your wishes and your proposed itinerary.

  • Where are my ferry / shuttle tickets?

    We provide a ticketless service – to make your trip as easy and convenient as possible, simply quote the reference number on your itinerary.

  • Where is my rooming list?

    Simply send in your final specialist information form and we shall endeavour to produce the rooming list as soon as possible. Please note however, that the accommodation always reserves the right to amend a rooming list and usually releases the information approximately 10 days before departure.

  • Where will my group be staying?

    If you have travelled with us before, or you have a particular accommodation in mind, then you can make a request for your preferred accommodation and we will do our best to secure this for you, subject to availability.  If you are certain that you wish to travel with us again then it is advisable to request a re-quotation on your return and make your request at this time.

    If you are a new client, we will choose accommodation that best suits your needs and is most convenient for your chosen itinerary.  We have a wide range of accommodation types that we use regularly. 

  • Why do you need to know the intended use of the coach?

    This is to ensure that the coach company can operate in a safe and legal manner.

  • Will our foreign coach driver speak English?

    Not necessarily. Whilst we always ask for a driver who can speak some English, we cannot guarantee this for your tour. If you have concerns about communication with local people during your tour we recommend that you request a native speaker to accompany you.

  • Will the rooms have en-suite facilities?

    Unless otherwise stated, all accommodation used by Inspired Travel, whether in hotels or hostels, has en-suite facilities.