The Educational Benefits of a School Trip or Educational Tour

Links to the National Curriculum
With your needs in mind, we have a produced a resource for teachers, to help you identify how our courses enrich your pupils' education and give them a relevant and meaningful out of classroom experience. At the time of quotation we will provide curriculum links for your chosen tour.

Clear information spells out the links between our courses and the themes, levels and attainment targets of the National Curriculum and QCA Schemes of Work from Key Stage 2 through to post 16, directly relating the content of our courses back to the work you are doing every day in school. This information covers subjects from Geography to Citizenship, History to Modern Languages, PE to PSHE and more. There are also specific links to all our overseas courses and our ski and snowboarding trips.

Learning Outside the Classroom

As a good teacher you have always known that teaching and learning cannot be limited to the classroom. You want to see pupils reach their potential, and you know that experience gained from a school trip stretches far beyond the academic to include raising self-confidence, self-esteem and motivation. Perhaps most importantly, being with young people outside the classroom helps you remember too, how rewarding your work can be and why you chose to become a teacher.

There is strong evidence that good quality learning outside the classroom adds much value to classroom learning. It can lead to a deeper understanding of the concepts that span traditional subject boundaries and which are frequently difficult to teach effectively using classroom methods alone. It provides a context for learning in many areas: general and subject based knowledge; thinking and problem-solving skills; life skills such as co-operation and interpersonal communication.

Supporting Success at School

When you take your pupils out of school and on an Inspired Travel trip you want to be sure that it will benefit their performance back at school. You want to know that their attainment and motivation will improve; that the trip you run will help to stimulate their interest in school; that in the long term this enthusiasm will translate into better results at all levels. With this in mind, Inspired Travel courses reinforce the principles of the Every Child Matters campaign, specifically supporting the five stated aims for our young people: 

 • Be healthy Our courses introduce young people to a range of sports and activities, often for the first time. In many cases, even those who do not excel at sport in a school context will develop a new interest, and recognise through their experience at Inspired Travel, that healthy outdoor pursuits, combined with healthy eating, can be exhilarating and enjoyable.

• Stay safe Teaching young people how to assess and deal with risk themselves is both realistic and beneficial. Not only does Inspired Travel aim to achieve high standards of safety at the centres we use, but young people are also encouraged to consider for themselves the risks involved in their various activities.

• Enjoy and achieve Every teacher knows that if you can engage your pupils in something they enjoy, they will learn almost without effort. Our philosophy is all about the power of enjoyment leading to the greatest achievements.

• Make a positive contribution Your pupil's experience at Inspired Travel is all about learning social and interpersonal skills, learning to value and give encouragement and support, and seeing the world from a new perspective.

• Achieve economic well-being A course at Inspired Travel contributes in no small way to young people's motivation, and our range of courses means that you can even target their learning and enthusiasm with courses in specific curriculum areas.