About Inspired Travel

Inspired Travel is a young company, celebrating our first ten years, and we pride ourselves on providing the best possible advice, support and organisation to group leaders in a friendly and professional way.

Inspired Travel was founded in 2004 by Amanda and Mervyn Robinson, and starting with many years experience behind them, they grew the business steadily, providing educational tours and day trips, together with winter sports holidays.  Amanda has a background in teaching Geography, mostly as a Head of Department accompanied by the experience of being responsible for the organisation and planning of winter sports holidays over a period of more than 20 years; which gave her a great insight into exactly what was required by Party Leaders and what they wanted to avoid.  Mervyn has an extensive background in engineering where planning, accuracy and customer interface is essential; together with a passion for skiing, Mervyn is a keen military historian. This meant that they brought together a winning combination.

The company was “born” as a direct result of Amanda’s career in teaching; during this time she had been responsible for the organisation of fieldwork and, following several years based in the UK she decided to organise, successfully, fieldwork in France. With a change of school came the opportunity to be involved with, and subsequently organise, school skiing trips to a variety of resorts and destinations, which continued to the end of her teaching career.

It proved to be instrumental in the setting up of Inspired Travel. Colleagues who had moved to new posts asked for help with the organisation of their trips – Ski, Language and Geography, or just how to run a DIY visit. This “hands-on” approach still remains.  Inspired Travel can directly relate to what you are looking for in a trip; we know your expectations and undertake the planning with you in mind. We also know what you want to avoid. We will tailor a quotation for your group, providing exactly the elements that you want. If you are undecided about your destination we will suggest more than one option based on the composition of the group.

This approach has lead to the company building relationships with Party Leaders from all corners of Britain and this has led to continued success and growth - and numbers continue to grow year on year.

Despite this growth, the company still remains a family business. They have remembered that it was, and still is, the quality and professionalism that grows their business and this is backed up with highly-competitive and realistically priced tours and day trips with safety and security always as a top priority. As directors, they continue to be a part of school tours – because they care.